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About Us

The Zoe program offers solutions and services for holistic nutrition and wellness.  Operating through a network team of life Coaches, nutritionists, and Physicians with specialized skills to examine, counsel, and treat the condition beyond the symptoms.


The mind is the central processing unit of the body and soul. The soul refers to a person’s emotions, memories, and consciousness. Our physical well-being consists of the mind, body, and soul. The occupant of the body is the spirit. Life experiences of challenges, unwise decisions, poor diet, stress, and unforeseen consequences can be one of if not the core causes of cognitive decline, depression, eating disorders, and other mental illnesses. Our purpose is to be the 360-degree turn with improved skills, greater knowledge, and support systems in place. Knowledge from our equipped professional teams will pour into each person, individually and collectively. Observation and study tools for self-acquirement, skills through practice, and a combination of sensory input and output.


Our mission is to promote health and well-being as a priority for aging adults, to become aging well adults and aging with pride and grace. To research and explore perspectives of aging adults and ways to effectively contribute to their well-being. To connect with caregivers for training and support programs that will equip them in caring for loved ones and self-care.