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Caregiver Resources


Caring for loved ones with dementia, knowing and understanding that dementia has different forms of and are demonstrated in different manners. Caregivers training will allow the family member who will be caring for the loved one to receive training that helps them to understand and recognize which form of dementia their loved one has and how to approach and care for them in each stage.


When caregivers are healthy, rested, and emotionally balanced, they are better equipped to provide compassionate and effective care. As a caregiver, maintaining a balance in your life is essential to your well-being. We offer solutions and support that can be of great benefit to caregivers. We have tailored support groups, workshops, seminars, and conferences that provide services, and resources that will guide the caregivers in self-care.


We offer a support team to walk with you through the stages of caregiving. We connect you with support online and through in-person workshops and conferences. Each area is focused on assisting the care giver to reduce their stress and anxiety. As a caregiver, you can face many emotions. Amongst the list of emotions are frustration, anger, and loneliness. Through the support team you are able to share experiences, connect with others with common experiences, while receiving professional support and guidance throughout your journey.


We offer family members assistance in coping with trauma or grief after losing a loved one. The caregiver’s grief process starts before the passing of your loved one. Your experience of loss is in stages as you witness the independence adjustments of their life. You grieve for the way your loved one used to be. Caring for someone suffering from dementia, a traumatic brain injury, or a stroke, your loved one is alive, but not the way you are used to them being. Occasionally you may see a glimpse of them as they were, and then they seem to disappear again. Our grievance team is here to walk with you through the loss, self-blame, and steps towards forward movement.