Workshop/Sessions Outline

This course provides residents with resources to make changes to their health. In General Wellness, the instructor provides a holistic approach, touching on areas of fitness, nutrition, and stress, therefore providing a solid foundation for residents. The course will also touch on failing nutritional awareness among poverty-stricken communities, allotting for practical application and resources for change.

YOU 101
Every course is designed to help you maximize your potential but arguably none of them are as expansive as this one. YOU 101 is going to set the foundation for your transition by exploring how you behave and why you behave. To change something, the primary objective needs to be understanding its original purpose, its current need, and ways to improve it. None of those things should be overlooked when making your transition and this course will ensure that.

Life's ups and downs do not discriminate. On this journey, we all face challenges and get bumps and bruises along the way. Those incidents can leave wounds and scars that rob us from reaching our full potential in every area of our lives. To live a life of complete freedom, it is very important to release the pain, anger, and forgive the sources of those afflictions. While these are not easy tasks, this course will teach you how to identify the trouble spots and work on releasing the pain so you can fully enjoy your life.

We make decisions every day whether we know it or not. Every decision that you make has a consequence. It could be a good consequence or a bad consequence. Regardless of the outcome, the consequence will always be the result of a decision. We are going to teach you how to weigh your
decisions and evaluate the possible and likely consequences of those decisions.

Society places enormous amounts of pressure on all of us. It doesn't matter your ethnicity, your political classification, or your religion every one of us has some pressure from society telling us what we should do when we should do it, and how we should do it. Most people will already have a preconceived idea of who you are. Because we can acknowledge the pressure, it is equally as important to overcome or use the pressure as fuel to our next destination. This course will assist with changing the pressure into progress.

In the introductory course, you were given resources to balance your time. Now you must take the resources you’ve learned and apply them to your schedule. This course is more about finding what works for your situation and how to maximize the 24 hours in your day?

In the introductory course, you were given tips to assist you with improving your money sense. Now you must take the resources you’ve learned and apply them to your paycheck. This course is a real-life application of producing money habits. This is important as you transition towards graduation and a life on your own.

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